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Support Dental Care for Uninsured Children

How much does a basic cleaning cost? How about a sealant? Maybe a little  knowledge on oral hygiene? The average cost at your local dentist is  well over $150. In some cases if you haven't been to the dentist in a  while the cost of a cleaning and necessary sealants can be in excess of  $500. For someone without insurance this cost just isn't feasible.

In the Minnesota Metro area over 10,000 visits to the emergency room  were due to toothaches, many of which could have been prevented. Your  tax deductible donation will help greatly reduce this number in our  region and bring otherwise non affordable, not to mention critical  dental access to local children across southern Minnesota.

Your donations are always put directly towards  helping fund underserved patients who cannot otherwise afford dental  care.

Please consider a donation to help battle neglected dental needs!